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Ms. Minki Rasenyalo

Dr. Nomonde Mabuya

Group Executive
Biotechnology & Health Care Cluster

About 3Sixty Biotechnology & Health Care Cluster

3Sixty Health is 100% black owned and black managed Administrator of Sizwe
Medical Fund, a medical fund which has more than fifty thousand principal members.
It is accredited by the Council for Medical Schemes to offer both administration and
managed care services, allowing for a fully integrated, beneficiary-centric approach.
Their core competencies in administration include membership management, billing,
claim adjudication and customer services. 3Sixty Health’s managed care offering
includes pharmaceutical benefit management, hospital benefit management, disease
risk management, medical advisory services, fraud, governance, and risk management.
These services are supported by a seamless integrated, highly scalable leading
healthcare IT system that offers both administration and managed care on a single

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Today 3Sixty Health balances its vast experience and rich heritage with technological innovations to help its clients better connect with their business through a holistic healthcare package of both administration and managed care services. The investments made in innovations that bring critical value-add services to its current and potential member schemes, have ensured its competitive edge in the marketplace, positioning 3Sixty Health as a boutique administrator with exciting solutions for schemes.

The Late

Dr Nthato Motlana:

One of the founders of
Sizwe Medical Fund

About Sizwe Medical Fund

Until 1978 black people in South Africa were not allowed by law to be members of a medical aid. In 1978, the Kwacha Group (Kwacha meaning ‘Day Break’ in Chewa – a Malawian language), a precursor to the Sizwe Medical fund was registered by 38 shareholders, with Dr Nthato Motlana as one of thr leaders. Dr Motlana was a revolutionary and world renouned medical expert. The objective was to lobby government to grant permission to start a black medical aid and the permission was granted with certain conditions.

Sizwe Medical Fund was registered after shareholders raised R3 million as security to meet medical claims. This was a significant contribution given that it was 1978.
The commitment of this group to resolving access to high quality healthcare for black people drove them to establish the first black private hospital in South Africa, Lesedi Clinic which opened its doors soon after Sizwe Medical Fund started operating.

The Kwacha Group was later changed to Sechaba Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd with Sechaba Medical Solutions as the Administrator of Sizwe Medical Fund. Sechaba Medical Solutions was recently rebranded into 3Sixty Health and the Group has added various subsidiaries which include 3Sixty Biopharmaceuticals. Sizwe Medical Fund has just under 50 000 principal members and 150 000

Taking Science from the Laboratory to the Clinic

The Group’s entry into Biotechnology is by far the most audacious program it has undertaken. Our foray into biotechnology is grounded on ownership of unique pharmaceutical products with unique properties to enhance efficacy, reduce side effects and total cost of use. Our strategy is based on the concept of “Ubuntu Medicine” derived from an African culture of care, umuntu ungumuntu ngabantu (you are because I am).
Ubuntu Medicine will be driven through investments in Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Precision medicine technologies and research. We have established partnerships with local and international partners for the development and/or sourcing of the latest and cutting edge technologies like nanomedicine, theragnostic, microarray, pheroids, peptides, African Traditional Medicine and others.
We have identified 6 areas of research focus and we will create centres of excellence to engage with Academics, Clinicians , Professional Societies , Patient Societies and innovators at large for the advancement of the science and solutions development to currently known and unknown medical problems. We have identified several disease areas that we want to focus on and we believe that we have covered underserviced and unmet Pharmaceutical needs for South Africa, the African continent and the world.


About Hosmed Medical Scheme

Hosmed Medical Scheme (“Hosmed”) is a non-profit, open medical Scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act No. 131 of 1998 (the Act). The registration number is 1537. 

Hosmed has been in existence for more than 30 years. We have a global Credit Rating of A- for Claims Paying Ability. 
The average age of beneficiaries is 31 years. The average size of families on the scheme is 3.

  • Our solvency ratio is 28%
  • Our rating outlook is stable.
  • We have contained non-healthcare costs at 10%
About 3Sixty Biopharmaceutical

3Sixty Biopharmaceutical is a SAHPRA licensed pharmaceutical company with a
number of local and international partners with a broad base of pharmaceutical
products which address unmet medical needs. 3Sixty Biopharma also has a respectable Clinical Research & Development (CR&D) pipeline of Small molecules, Peptides and Isotopes to address a spectrum of diseases.
The company also has its own fully fledged Medical, Regulatory, Supply Chain, Finance and commercialization team to drive its commercial imperatives.

About Biomedicine

3Sixty Biomedicine is by design a highly specialized biological company. It’s primary focus is the advancement of the medical applications of botanical extracts to address a spectrum of diseases. 3Sixty Biomed uses tried and tested techniques to extract, analyse, test, formulate and clinically validate an extensive library of African Traditional Medicine inclusive of Cannabis Sativa spp. 3Sixty Biomedicine is a proud owner of the Ngoma brand which is a KZN based company in African Traditional Medicines which has been in existence for 2 decades.

About 3Sixty Herbal Health

3Sixty Herbal Laboratories ™ was formed by an enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated team of Pharmacists, Inyangas, Herbalists, African Traditioal Doctors and HealthCare Providers who study the natural properties of herbs and their benefits for a host of ailments. 3Sixty Herbal™is a proud leader and pioneer in the development and research of botanical remedies. We formulate, manufacture, distribute and supply our own line of high quality products.
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We also work with specialised experts who manufacture certain ranges under license.
3Sixty Herbal™ Products are Quality Assured. Every batch of raw material is tested to ensure quality, purity and consistency. It is our goal to promote health with natural formulas. Our commitment to excellence has earned the loyalty of thousands of people in medical need in our country. Our Ngoma product range is uniquely effective, and is part of our range of over 68 products that are widely prescribed by Medical Doctors and recom- mended by Pharmacists
About 3Sixty Nuclear Medicine

3Sixty Nuclear Medicine is a highly specialized Nuclear medicine company which utilizes the power of isotopes as targeted therapies for diagnosis, therapeutics and theragnostics. This company is preparing to launch assets in Rheumatology , Oncology , Infectious diseases , Cardiology , Dermatology and Pulmonology

About 3Sixty Medical Equipment

3Sixty Medical Equipment is the group’s asset which is aimed at improving access to innovative Medical Devices and Equipment which have therapeutic and diagnostic applications. The flagship product in this devices portfolio will offer first to market non-invasive diagnostic for a highly prevalent non- communicable disease . Furthermore , though this company – we shall expand the access to Skin Cancer treatment throughout the continent .